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Wiezy Got Married: Michelle Wie Wedding Photos

Earlier in 2019, Michelle Wie revealed that she was dating Jonnie West, a high-ranking front-office executive with the Golden State Warriors. West is the son of NBA legend Jerry West.

It was not too long before West popped the question and Wie shared photos of her and West's engagement.

Now, they've reached the ultimate goal: Wie and West are husband and wife. They got married on August 10, 2019, in a ceremony in Beverly Hills. And since news broke the next morning (how did they keep it secret?) of the wedding, friends of Wie and West have been sharing pics and video on social media.

Here is Wie in her wedding dress and Hally Leadbetter in her bridesmaid dress:

Michelle Wie wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses

Here is West and Wie with Wie's good buddy Danielle Kang at the reception:

Michelle Wie at her wedding with husband Jonnie West

Marina Alex got in the photo booth with Michelle:

Michelle Wie wedding photos

Here's Wiezy with her tennis buddy Genie Bouchard, who told Wie's husband, "PS - Jonnie when you marry Michelle you also marry all of her crazy friends":

And a couple more photos shared on Instagram by Wiezy or attendees: