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Shin Ae Ahn Now a Maxim Cover Girl

Shin Ae Ahn is one of the stars of the Korean LPGA, and now she's a Maxim magazine cover girl. Ahn appears on the cover of the September 2016 issue of Maxim's Korea edition - an edition that is touted as the "golf issue":

Actually, Shin Ae appears on two Maxim covers, because they also issued the magazine with an alternative cover:

Ahn is definitely one of the glamour girls of Korean golf, known for her beauty and the bright, colorful (and often sexy) golf outfits she wears on tour. Maxim, in its index, calls her a "golf goddess." Who are we to argue?

But don't get the idea Ahn is only famous for her looks. This woman can play. She was the KLPGA's Rookie of the Year in 2009 and a 2-time champion in the 2010 season. She had some lean years after that, in part due to injuries, but rebounded strongly last year by winning one of the biggest events in women's golf in Asia, the 2015 KLPGA Championship.

If you can read Korean, you might be able to buy the issue from Maxim Korea here. (We don't read Korean, so we're not really sure!)

As a bonus we'll leave you with this nifty slideshow of Shin Ae pics that someone put together in video form: