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Meet Brittany Mai

Brittany Mai shared the photo above on her Instagram page with the explanation that the "Mai surname is a type of flower in Vietnam." Having recently graduated from UCLA, you could say that Brittany will now see the flowering of a career. The only question is: Will that career involve golf?

#gopro #golf #fun thanks to auntie jay & uncle tom @jayleung83 @kato1964 #best #family #spoiled ❤️

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Brittany started her college golf career on the team at Northwestern. While there, Mai posted some of her best results, including multiple Top 20 finishes. She had her team's best final-round score in the 2012 Big East Regional after finishing 27th in the 2012 Big Ten Championship.

Brittany was studying pre-med at the same time she was golfing. But this San Diego girl wasn't a huge fan of those cold Illinois winters. So she transferred back to Cali and UCLA.

"I missed the warm year-round weather having been born and raised in sunny San Diego," Brittany told us. "To this day, I am so grateful for Coach Carrie (Forsyth) for allowing me the opportunity to have a spot on the UCLA women's golf team."

Here is Brittany with UCLA teammate Erynne Lee:

But now that college golf is over, what's next for Brittany Mai? Well, she has a spirit of adventure and a love of travel:

And she's also done some modeling. "I am a brand ambassador and did some modeling for Vaya (beach clothing and jewelry company)," Mai said, "and Sandcloud (beach towel company)."

Is professional golf in her plans? "My current golf plans are still up in the air," Brittany said, since she is enrolled part-time in dental school at UC-San Diego.

She does still have the dream of becoming the LPGA's first Vietnamese-American member, however - "I naturally have a stubborn and competitive spirit" - and that keeps her working on her game. Brittany is "still open to taking my golf to the next level and may play in some pre-qualifiers for the upcoming LPGA tournaments in the 2016 season, and possibly Q-School."

There is one complicating factor about pursuing professional golf, however: An old injury. You see, golf wasn't Brittany's first sport. From age 8 Mai was a competitive figure skater with the goal of making it to the Winter Olympics. She still gets on the ice occasionally today:

dis definitely ain't no #tbt #scratchspin #weee

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"Unfortunately, I took a hard fall and got diagnosed with spondylosis and spondylolisthesis, calling for my retirement from the sport at the age of 13," Brittany said. And that's when she switched to golf as a competitive outlet. "I get sporadic muscle spasms from my back injury but I still practice (golf) almost every day," she told us.

So we're not sure yet - and neither is she - whether golf will be part of Brittany's future career plans. But we're pretty confident that whatever path she settles on, Brittany will be a success.

You can follow Brittany Mai on Instagram (@brittany.mai) or on Twitter (@brittanymai1).

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