Stormi Henley

Stormi Henley is a model, a singer, a beauty queen. But what does she have to do with golf? We'll answer that below (hint: think about her last name). But first ...

She's a singer, and here she is doing a cover of the Beach Boys classic God Only Knows:

And here is Stormi's a capella audition for American Idol 10:

Beauty queen? Stormi Henley was Miss Teen USA 2009. And model? Well ...

But, hey, even models put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. Here she is just after waking up:

I literally woke up 3 minutes before this Ahahaha my eyes are puffy, sending digitals to my agency @requestmodels

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OK, maybe she doesn't put her pants on one leg at a time! She's a superhero. A beauty superhero.

Have you been thinking about her last name? Stormi Bree Henley is the daughter of Kip Henley, the longtime PGA pro, winner of Golf Channel's Big Break II series and PGA Tour caddie.

Stormi has caddied, too: She carried Dad's bag when he played in the 2011 FedEx St. Jude Classic on the PGA Tour. Kip was quoted talking about that in a 2011 Golfweek article:

“Through the years, when I’d play mini-tours and the Hooters Tour, she caddied for me a bunch of times and did a good job,” he said. “She lives in L.A. now, has a modeling career, and is busy, but she said she wanted to do it. It’s going to be even more fun with her there.”

About an hour before Henley’s opening round, Stormi, 20, was spotted sitting on the edge of the practice putting green, legs crossed. Hey, it was 95 degrees Thursday with radiant sunshine.

“It’s exciting that he asked me to do it,” she said. “I never get to see him since I live in L.A., so it’s family time, at least.”

But Stormi is a golfer herself. This is what her swing looked like in 2013, when she posted this Vine:

Her Miss Teen USA bio points out that Stormi traveled extensively as a child, following her father around the golf circuit: "At 9-years-old, she toured the country for 22 straight weeks as her father was competing and has since developed a love of traveling and exploring."

It goes on to call Stormi an "avid golfer" who was the MVP of her high school golf team - Cumberland County High School in Crossville, Tenn. - in 2008-09.

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Sometimes I'm a girl, but only for shoots 😌 @brookenipar @kittengalore @enricohair @christinecherbonnier @rosegnyc

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