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Elise Lobb

(Photos courtesy Elise Lobb)

Elise Lobb is a beauty queen and a YouTube videographer with a growing following and impressive content alliances. At only 20 years old, she doesn't have a long past - but it's a past that does include golf.

And golf is definitely a part of her future, both on and off the course. Don't be surprised if Lobb shows up on your television or mobile screen someday, broadcasting from a golf tournament or studio.

"I am currently considering going back to play collegiate golf because I have realized golf is a part of who I am," Elise told us. "If everything works out I would love to finish my college career playing golf and eventually working for the Golf Channel."

Lobb started golfing at age 3, and began playing on her varsity high school team when she was only in sixth grade.

By the time she herself got to high school, she was also competing on the pageant circuit. She was Miss Jacksonville Teen USA in 2013 and finished in the Top 5 at the Miss Florida Teen USA pageant that year.

She had interest from college golf coaches, but Elise decided to take a little time off from competitive golf.

"At the time I didn't feel like the maturity in my mental game was at its strongest point," she said. "I took a little time off but never stopped playing golf. During that time I changed both physically and mentally, got stronger in both, which helped change my game."

She also kept going on the pageant circuit, winning Miss Atlantic Beach USA 2014 and Miss Daytona Beach USA 2015.

Two years ago Elise's interests in beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics led her to create a YouTube channel, a channel that today has more than 8,000 subscribers.

One of the reasons Lobb has gained such a fan base is that one of her fans is Seventeen magazine. She has been featured on that publication's own YouTube channel and is "continuing to film more videos for them, focusing on fashion, because they have said they like my 'edgy' take on fashion."

Elise's YouTube channel also partners with AwesomenessTV, and she recently signed with a boutique brand management agency in Los Angeles. In one of the videos in which she features, Elise is giving golf tips (it was shot in Los Angeles for Quest Nutrition Bars):

There's a lot going on for her now, and things are only looking up.

"Golf and filming good content for my videos to build subscribers on my channel are my main focus right now," Elise said. "I'm trying to show people how the game of golf is growing and becoming more popular amongst a younger audience!"

Here's an example of the fashion/lifestyle videos Elise is doing on YouTube, one that caught the eye of Seventeen and one of her favorites:

You can follow Elise on Instagram (@eliselobb) or Twitter (@eliselobb), or on her YouTube channel linked above.