Areum Jung, the 'Miss Korea Golfer'

Areum Jung is many things: a beauty pageant winner, a fitness professional, a golfer, a blogger, a broadcaster, a model. And while she has never played tournament golf professionally, golf has definitely helped Areum in her professions.

Jung competed for the Miss Korea title in 2001 (becoming known as "the Miss Korea golfer") and has recently been featured in photoshoots in the Korean editions of Vogue and Esquire magazines. She has become a star blogger in Korea, and is becoming better known elsewhere through her YouTube channel.

But in-between beauty pageant success in the early 2000-aughts and multimedia success in late 2000-aughts were some tough times as Jung struggled to define herself and find a role to succeed in.

Golf helped her through those times, she told the Korea Times in a 2012 interview:

"You know once you start a round of golf, you must go through 18 holes no matter how poorly you play. I do make terrible mistakes, but so what? I know I can hit a birdie on the next hole. That’s the attitude I learned from golf. That’s why I recommend young people give it a shot."

Jung took up golf as a young girl and even played during her university days in 2000. The Miss Korea pageant came along in 2001, and sent her into a world of beauty and fashion.

Keeping fit to find success in that world launched the project that ultimately led Areum to national notice: In 2009 she started a blog. (It's at - mostly in Korean, but you'll enjoy the photos.) She posted twice daily, many of those posts having to do with golf.

But the focus was (and still is) on fitness training. The videos Jung posted showing her own workouts (often filmed in her apartment in those early days) made the blog popular with others struggling with body issues, and she eventually launched a YouTube channel that now has more than 7,000 subscribers.

And Areum's fitness focus is often on the glutes. In fact, she's become famous in Korea for her ... well, her derriere. You can get an idea of that in this fan-made video showcasing that aspect of her talents:

She also does videos for the Korean edition of Golf Digest offering golf-specific fitness tips. She's showing up on Korean television more and more often and has authored books on diet and fitness.

Here's a look at her golf swing: