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Paula Creamer 2015 Calendar for Golf Digest Japan

For years now - going back at least to 2006 - Paula Creamer has done a wall calendar that is available only in Japan. She does the calendar with Golf Digest Japan, whose website offers it for sale. The catch? It's sold only in Japan, with no shipping overseas.

Paula's 2015 calendar is now available:

The photo shoot for Paula's 2015 calendar was done in San Francisco. You can catch glimpses of Paula in other outfits and poses in this making-of video:

As noted, you can't order this calendar from Golf Digest Japan unless you actually live in Japan (or have a friend in Japan who can receive it, then ship it on to you). However, that doesn't mean you can't get one. Every year, some of these show up on eBay. So if you really want one, I recommend you periodically check eBay.

You can see samples of Paula's poses in previous years here: search Golf Babes for 'Paula Creamer calendar.'