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How Are Ya? Hawaii-Wie

Michelle Wie is doing just fine, thanks. Which is kind of remarkable when you stop to recall how much crap she got (and sometimes still gets) from haters for things she did as a teenager. When, in reality, the things she was doing as a teenager were, for the most part, the kinds of things that would earn most people praise for precociousness.

It's also easy to forget that the problems with her game Wie encountered after those years of 2003-6, when she did many things that nobody had ever done before, were brought on by injuries.

All that is past, and just when you might think she's going to be written off Wie comes back with her first victory since 2010. It happened at the Lotte Championship in her home state of Hawaii. She did it by hitting green after green, and by putting solidly. Not great, but good. And "not terrible" is really all you have to be as a putter when you are hitting greens like Wie was in the Lotte (like she has been all year).

Can she keep it up? I sure hope so.