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First Three 'Bikini Golfers' Announced

There was news on Twitter with this from Bikini Golf:

What is Bikini Golf? It's a production company that is planning a television series in which female professional golfers compete in skins games, wearing bikinis.

Through its website,, the outfit had been accepting applications from interested golfers. Then it conducted interviews with aspiring bikini golfers. That initial process is over, the first three bikini golfers are selected - you see their Twitter handles above - and the pilot will be shooting in mid-February in Palm Springs, Calif.

Those three golfers are McKenzie Jackson, Alana Lauren and Maggie Noel. For the pilot episode, they'll wear "sporty and stylish bikinis" and play nine holes in a skins game format, with cash money on the line, $1,000 per hole.

We'll have more about Bikini Golf and the first three bikini golfers in the coming months. But here's an early look at the first three contestants.

McKenzie Jackson you should already know well - she was a cast member on Big Break Mexico:

Alana Lauren is a California girl who played last year on the Cactus Tour:

Maggie Noel is based in Houston and in addition to teaching golf, also models: