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Meghan Hardin and Wilson Golf's '100 Years Young' Calendar

Photos by Heather Stumpf-Popio/Vavoom Pinups

If you know anything about the history of golf, and more specifically of golf clubs, then you know what a crucial role Wilson Golf played in the evolution of the game and the clubs with which the game is played. But did you know that Wilson Golf is about turn 100 years old?

Wilson Golf has very cool things in store for its centennial celebration. I can't reveal the details, but suffice it to say we'll be seeing some cool, vintage-style products from Wilson in 2014. However, I can tell you about one of Wilson Golf's birthday goodies: a 2014 calendar featuring Meghan Hardin.

We've featured our friend Meghan many times on Golf Babes; fans know her best as a competitor of two different seasons of Golf Channel's Big Break series (including the current Big Break NFL). Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos of Meghan during the calendar shoot, starting with what you might call "Meghan Monroe":

Since the calendar is a celebration of Wilson Golf's first 100 years, we see Meghan modeling in the style associating with each of Wilson Golf's decades in business, beginning with the 1910s. Lots of costumes, lots of different looks, some of them inspired by advertisments of the past, some by famous model shoots of the past. It's a fun, sexy calendar.

So how do you get one? Ah, that's the catch: At this time, Wilson Golf does not plan to sell the calendar; it's strictly a promotional item. Copies will be available at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida, early in 2014, and Meghan will be there providing autographs.

Wilson Golf does, however, plan to give away copies of the calendar through its various social media outlets. So if you want one, it's a good idea to follow @WilsonGolf on Twitter, and to head over to the Wilson Golf Facebook page and give it a "like."

And don't forget to follow Meghan on Twitter: @meghanahardin.

Update: More Meghan Hardin calendar pics