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Stephanie Wei

Back in 2009, Stephanie Wei launched a golf blog. New golf blogs pop up all the time; few of them gain any traction with readers, or have staying power. But Wei Under Par remains, and remains one of the most influential independent golf publications on the web.

It's at testament to Stephanie's talent, gumption and persistence that she managed to turn her passion into a job.

Wei grew up playing junior golf in the Pacific Northwest, where her friends and fellow-competitors included the Mackenzies (Paige and Brock) and Ryan Moore. She shared her swing coach - Joe Thiel - with Andres Gonzales and Michael Putnam, both of whom are now PGA Tour players.

Then she played on the Yale University golf team, where, during her time in New Haven, her teammates included Jeehae Lee.

Stephanie's time at Yale produced a degree in history. Her time since Yale has produced a writing career focused primarily (but not solely) on golf. She has written for numerous web publications, including Guest of a Guest and The Huffington Post.

And on the foundation of Wei Under Par, Stephanie has built a successful career as a golf journalist. She is a contributor to, SI golf+, a freelancer - she traveled to more than 30 golf tournaments in 2012 - who has written for, among others, the Wall Street Journal. And she makes radio and television appearances.

It won't be a surprise to hear someday that one of the networks that broadcasts golf - or one of the golf networks - has scooped her up. When you're as talented, smart, insightful - and beautiful - as Stephanie is, a larger role on TV is probably in your future.

Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Wei

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