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Anna Rawson and the Return of GolfPunk

(Screenshot used with permission of GolfPunk)

Back in 2003, a slick, attractive magazine called GolfPunk debuted in England. It's motto: "The Golf Mag for The Rest Of Us." Golf with an attitude. And it was a famous photoshoot with GolfPunk that garnered Anna Rawson some of her first major attention. (GolfPunk discovered Anna even before Golf Babes did!)

Alas, the magazine industry - the publishing industry, period - is a tough go. And GolfPunk went. The magazine's founders departed in 2006.

But now they - and GolfPunk - and Anna Rawson - are back. GolfPunk has relaunched in a digital-only format - you can read the first issue here - that is attractive, easy to navigate, and full of good stuff. It's viewable in your browser, but also on smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices.

And the first "Swingin' Sirens" feature in the first issue of the new GolfPunk features our old friend Anna in an interview, plus photos by Bo Bridges. In the interview Rawson explains what she's been up to since retiring from tour golf, and that includes work on a pilot television episode for CBS. You can jump straight to the Anna Rawson interview here.

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