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LPGA Golfers' Miami Road Trip

So what are LPGA golfers to do with a few weeks off before their next tournament? Road trip! This one took buddies Nicole Hage, Cindy LaCrosse, Belen Mozo, Alison Walshe, Michelle Wie and Veronica Felibert to Miami.

What happens on a golf babes road trip to Miami? Well, first you hit the pool (from left, LaCrosse, Wie, Hage, Mozo, Felibert):

And then you get ready to hit the town (from left, Felibert, Walshe, LaCrosse, Hage, Wie, Mozo):

Nicole posted these pics (and others from the trip) on Twitter, and gave us permission to post a couple of them here. The moral of this story: You should be following Nicole (@NicoleHage) on Twitter!

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