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Say Bonjour to Bonjoc's 'Seema Sparkle' Line

seema sparkle pink purseSeema Sadekar has sparkled her entire life. Now she's ready to help the rest of us sparkle with the "Seema Sparkle" line of shimmering ballmarkers from Bonjoc.

Bonjoc Ball Markers have been around for a while; they use Swarovski elements to create sparkly ballmarkers for golfers who want something a bit more fun than the typical, boring ballmarker. seema sparkle red shoe

Seema has long had an interest in fashion, which has resulted in self-designed (and often sparkly!) golf outfits. So it was a natural fit for Seema's sparkling personality to team up with Bonjoc's sparkly ballmarkers.

"Golf represents a fit and fabulous lifestyle," Seema says. "It's important to use accessories to encompass who you are on the course."

And the result is the "Seema Sparkle" line of Bonjoc ballmarkers, designed by Seema herself. seema sparkle cone

The three designs pictured here are named (from top) Pink Clutch, Red Stiletto and Sparkly Scoops. Other Seema Sparkle ballmarkers carry such names as Kiss Me, Totally Tutu, Check Please and Marry Me. You can see the full collection, which at launch includes 11 designs, on the Bonjoc website here.

Note that Bonjoc is a wholesaler, not a retailer, and so does not sell directly to the public. However, the Bonjoc website includes a list of online retailers offering Bonjoc ballmarkers.

seema sadekar

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