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Maiya Tanaka

Maiya Tanaka

Maiya Tanaka has been on a reality show before; she was one of the golfers on Big Break Sandals Resorts a couple years ago. But now, she's on a much bigger show: The Amazing Race.

Teaming with her sister Misa, Maiya is one of the cast members on the 20th season of Amazing Race, which begins airing on CBS on Feb. 19.

From the show's website on

What scares you most about traveling? Getting a weird disease and the food.
What excites you most about traveling? Learning about new cultures and the way others live. Expanding my perspective on the world.
Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: We communicate very differently. Sometimes I don’t understand her stubborn ways. She gets mad but then gets over it where as I kind of hold a grudge.
Pet peeve about your teammate: She is stubborn and likes things to be her way – or the highway.

Or the highway? Sounds like the Tanaka sisters found the perfect show. Good luck to Maiya and Misa. Don't forget to send Golf Babes a postcard.

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