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Lara Baldesarra

Lara Baldesarra

On the day I'm writing this, Lara Baldesarra is probably pretty much unknown to golf fans. But that will change just a few days later - on Jan. 26, to be exact - when Baldesarra joins the Golf Channel to host Grey Goose 19th Hole. The announcement hasn't been made yet by Golf Channel, but Grey Goose included the news in a recent press release, and Lara confirmed it on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

And Lara added, "So exciting to change gears and move to my other passion in life - golf!"

Her other passion? She phrased it that way because Baldesarra has spent the previous few years broadcasting soccer. She spent a year as one of the hosts of the Fox Soccer Report on the Fox Soccer network.

Baldesarra is Canadian and studied at universities in Canada, Mexico and France along the way to her degree in Broadcast Journalism. She then joined the Canadian sports network TSN prior to her time at Fox Soccer. On Grey Goose 19th Hole, Baldesarra will host new episodes on Thursdays and Fridays on Golf Channel.