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Paige Mackenzie and MiC Sportswear

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(All photos by Dan Lydiard/Courtesy MiC Sportswear)

MiC Sportswear is unveiling its Fall 2011 line, and Paige Mackenzie is back to model it. Of course, Paige doesn't just model it, she wears MiC in her tournament rounds. recently featured Mackenzie and MiC in its "Style Watch" section, and it included this exchange with Paige:

How does MiC Sport fit with your style?
MiC Sport's fashion fits my style with their timeless designs and colors. I like how I can go to the airport or grocery store after a day on the course and it doesn't look like I spent the day playing golf.

What are some of their unique pieces and color schemes?
A lot of the pieces in the collection are knit shell and cardigan sets. I love the cardigan sets because they are easy to wear and change if the weather changes, plus they are 3/4 length which I prefer to long sleeve when golfing. What sets this collection apart from others is that the pieces are very body conscience and most bottoms come in a low rise and high rise design.

The colors are great because they never go out of style and all the pieces coordinate with one another.

paige mackenzie style picsMiC founder and designer Melba Lee describes her collection as "smart and sexy," a description that fits Paige quite well, too, and makes the Mackenzie-and-MiC partnership a great one.

"MiC is continually reminded by fan-base and consumers of MiC products that Paige Mackenzie is the ideal apparel representative for MiC," Melbe Lee said. Why? "Paige's intelligence/beauty." She went on to call Mackenzie "clearly the best dressed LPGA player." (She might be a little biased!)

MiC Sportswear collections aim to be "smart, sexy, fun ... with classic color selections, form-fitting fabrics, enduring and functionally contemporary designs. MiC is dedicated to creating the finest quality active wear and sportswear that combines versatility, femininity and performance."

For more about the company and its Fall 2011 collection, visit the MiC website, or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

And if you're not already following Paige on Twitter (@Paige_Mackenzie), do so. She's equal parts entertaining and informative.

Mackenzie, in her fifth year of LPGA membership, is off to a great start to the 2011 season. In just six starts, she's already earned more money that in all of 2010, and her finishes include ninth place, 12th and 17th.

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