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Danielle Montgomery

danielle montgomery

The Ladies European Tour website posted a Q&A with LET rookie Danielle Montgomery that includes this sage outlook:

Do you work on the mental game?
I'm working on it but I think it's something that comes with time. I'm more goal-oriented at the moment and I've got swing changes that will take a year to sink in. When I have a not-so-good round I'm not too hard on myself because I know it is a long-term goal. Getting wins on the board, I want to do it now, in my first season, but this is the first time that I'm seeing the courses so I’ve got to be kind to myself and make that a three-year goal.

In other words, set goals, do your best, and don't beat yourself up.

Danielle's best finish so far in 2011 is 26th at the New Zealand Women's Open. You might recall she's the golfer who recreated Jan Stephenson's famous bathtub photo.

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