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Amanda Moltke-Leth Turns to Life of Stopping Crime

(Photo by Frank Undall via LET)

Amanda Moltke-Leth - a k a the "Mad Dane" - has been a member of the Ladies European Tour for years. She turned pro in 2001. But in 2011, the 34-year-old Denmark golfer is traveling a different fairway. She's retiring from golf and focusing on become a police officer in Copenhagen. An article on the LET website begins:

"Since the Open de Espana Femenino in September last year Amanda Moltke-Leth has not touched a golf club. The desire was gone; it was no longer fun. All of her focus has, however, been directed towards the future and Amanda Moltke-Leth is now training to become a policewoman."

Moltke-Leth never won on the LET, but she was a regular presence and had some strong finishes. Her career-best finish was third, which she most recently accomplished at the 2008 Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open. Her best season was 2006, when she finished 25th on the LET money list.

Why was she called the "Mad Dane" in golf circles? An article from 2000 in the school newspaper at UCLA - where Moltke-Leth completed her college golf career and from which she earned a BA in psychology - might help explain that:

Whether it's changing on the golf course in full view of the clubhouse, sneaking into (the UCLA coach's) room to short-sheet her bed or diving in some bush in the middle of a tournament to, uh, relieve herself, the women's golf team's lone senior isn't much afraid of what people think of her. ...

... Like that changing-on-the-golf-course incident – Moltke-Leth isn't an exhibitionist. But it was Friday morning practice at 6:30, Moltke-Leth had a particularly late Thursday night, and she barely got to the course on time and had to change to her golf clothes in the car.

It wasn't until she was at the ninth tee that Moltke-Leth realized she forgot to put on her bra.

Oh well, Amanda will make do.

While teammates Alicia Um and Julie Oh were putting, Moltke-Leth just took off her shirt, reached in her bag for her bra, and stood there with only her pants on.

"Alicia looks, and she screams like, 'Ahhh, Amanda! What are you doing?' and Julie was like, 'The clubhouse is right there! Everyone can see!’ " Moltke-Leth said.

Amanda's laughing response to that: "Well, they've probably seen this before."

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