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Liz Estes

liz estes
(Photo by Chase Hattan/Reverb Collective)

Liz Estes is the wife of PGA Tour player Bob Estes. This photo is from a shoot that several PGA Tour wives/girlfriends took part in recently. Some (but not all) of those taking part are also interested in taking part in a reality television series focusing on the lives of PGA Tour wives.

Liz Estes is one of those interested in a show, and has even had some feelers out about the idea. She told, "We were approached by the guys who did Pawn Stars. We talked to them three times, but they never called us back. And then this guy from VH1 asked me to put a show together with the other girls, and I'm like, 'Well, I'm not putting it together.' " also says that Liz is "aspiring pop musician."

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