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Blair O'Neal in SI Swimsuit Issue

Well, sort of! Alas, Sports Illustrated did not include any golfers in its annual swimsuit issue (maybe next year!). But kudos to Cobra Golf for getting Blair O'Neal into the swimsuit issue another way: with an ad. Blair signed with Cobra just recently, and it's great see the company promoting her. You can click to enlarge the image. But what the text says is this: "We could talk about new elliptical face design, but we don't think you're really listening right now." Cheeky monkeys! More Blair O'Neal pics

Kimberley Crooks

You can tell from her staff bag that Kimberley Crooks is from England. A Yorkshire girl, Kimberley got into golf at age 10 (following her father's and brother's leads) and progressed through the Yorkshire Junior and Yorkshire Ladies teams. Kimberley turned pro early in 2010 and got her feet wet on the Ladies European Tour last year. In 2011, she's playing the LET, LET Access Series and also on the Banesto Tour in Spain. When not golfing, Kimberley keeps busy with badminton, table tennis and pool - but says "my second sport has to be shopping!"

Catch Seema and Stacey on Super Bowl Saturday in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you're lucky enough to be in the neighborhood of the Super Bowl this weekend - or if you just happen to live somewhere around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex - swing by the historic Fort Worth Stockyards on Saturday and get some golf tips from Seema Sadekar and Stacey Bieber. You know Seema and Stacey for their appearances on the Golf Channel's Big Break series, as team members with Play Golf Designs , and for their many on-course accomplishments. On the Saturday prior to the Super Bowl, they're taking part in a pre-Super tailgate party called NEXT and hosted by ESPN the Magazine . The party runs from noon-5 p.m. on Saturday at River Ranch (500 NE 23rd Street at the Stockyards). Seema and Stacey are hosting "Full Swing Golf," interacting with fans and providing golf tips. Tell 'em Golf Babes sent ya! Photos courtesy of Play Golf Designs