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Maiya Tanaka Modeling ... Ben Hogan?

maiya tanaka
(Photo by David Looney Photography)

Maiya Tanaka, professional golfer and contestant on Big Break Sandals Resorts, has done some modeling. No surprise there. But now she's modeling ... Ben Hogan? Say what?

A company called Pixofactor Entertainment is creating a Wii video game title based on Hogan's famous instructional book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. And that means they need golfers who can recreate Hogan's swing to "model" for the video game and the creation of game avatars.

That means putting on a spandex suit covered with lights and body-motion sensors and making different kinds of swings, tailored to different situations on the golf course, for video capture.

Sounds pretty cool. Maiya got the gig by responding to a casting call by the game producers last month. Keep an eye on Maiya's blog for possible updates.

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