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Kris Tschetter and Ben Hogan

kris tschetter

Kris Tschetter has been an LPGA Tour member for a long time. So long that she's now eligible for the tour's senior circuit, the Legends Tour. We should all look so good at 45, right?

But back when she was just a spring chicken, as they say, Tschetter - attending Texas Christian University in Fort Worth - gained junior membership at Shady Oaks Country Club. Ben Hogan's club. Hogan was in his 70s then, and he wouldn't be around much longer.

But in the relatively few years when she knew him, Tschetter found Hogan to be pretty much the opposite of his gruff, standoffish (some would say jerky) reputation. With Tschetter, Hogan was kind, generous, funny and warm. And that, Tschetter, says, was the real Hogan.

She wanted to get that story out, so she wrote a book called Mr. Hogan, the Man I Knew, and subtitled An LPGA Player Looks Back on an Amazing Friendship and Lessons She Learned from Golf's Greatest Legend.

I'll be honest: I haven't read the book yet. I've only read Kris' introduction. But here's the thing: I almost never read golf books, but the intro was compelling enough I'm very much looking forward to reading this one.

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