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The Tina Lloyd Diet Plan

tina lloyd diet

Like many women in the first year after childbirth, Tina Lloyd - who welcomed her first child earlier this year - had a goal: Get rid of that baby weight.

So she went on a diet. But did she find one that worked? You bet. Lloyd - the former collegiate all-American, Futures Tour player and Big Break Kaanapali contestant who you might better remember as Tina Miller (her husband is NFL placekicker Rhys Lloyd) - tried, and was very happy with the results. You can see those results in the photos here.

Tina was so happy that she contacted to let them know, and now she's serving as a spokesperson for the weight-loss company.

Great timing for Tina, who is transitioning from the life of a touring pro into the life of a wife, mother - and television personality.

Keep your eyes open beginning next week for Tina in TV spots. We'll see her in 2-minute, 1-minute and 30-second spots airing on NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and other networks.

Tina's been blogging about her new journey as a mom at her site, She's also writing about her weight-loss success with specifics on what has worked for her. (Hint: Tina's been using the eDiets Fresh Prepared Meal Delivery Plan).

In addition to her time on Big Break, Tina has served in the past as co-host of a 30-minute PowerBilt infomercial that was in rotation on the Golf Channel. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of her on our television screens in the future as she considers more hosting opportunities.

tina lloyd diet

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