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Claudine Foong Gets Fit

claudine foong fitness

claudine foong fitnessActually, Claudine Foong has been fit for a long time, but now she's taking fitness to another level. The images are from a fitness competition a couple weeks ago in Montreal, the first one Foong has competed in. And she made her other love - golf - clear to the others entered, as you can see in the photo above. Claudine will be adding fitness tips to her Web site over time.

Claudine didn't pick up her first set of golf clubs until age 15, but just a few years later was getting scholarship offers from colleges. She completed college at Gardner-Webb in North Carolina. She has since played on the Futures Tour and Canadian Tour.

"I still have a long way to go and countless things to learn," Foong writes on her Web site, "but I am not afraid. I willingly accept all challenges that may come my way and look forward to the next few years with great optimism and excitement."

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