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Morgan Pressel and the Mojo

morgan pressel mojo 6Morgan Pressel poses upon her arrival to The Mojo 6 picks party in Jamaica. The Mojo 6 is an unofficial tournament on the LPGA schedule, being played right now but not airing on television until May. It uses something called "Raceway Golf," a format that I think was invented specifically for this tournament.

The gist of it is that golfers play each other in 6-hole matches, earning a point for winning the hole and a bonus point for winning the match. Overall points earned rule the first day of play, then the top golfers advance to a second day of standard match play until a winner is crowned. In addition to the scoring method, a second key point is that on Day 1, golfers get to choose their opponents.

This format could make for some good TV moments, but it seems very difficult to scale it up to a larger tournament field. (The Mojo 6 has only 16 players.) Should be interesting to see how this first effort goes, though.

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