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Cheyenne Woods Gets First College Win

Cheyenne Woods pictures

Congratulations to Cheyenne Woods for winning for the first time at the collegiate level. Cheyenne won The Bryan National Collegiate Tournament on Sunday (hat tip: Golf). She's a sophomore at Wake Forest.

The last few months can't have been easy for Cheyenne. Not as difficult as for her famous uncle, of course; still, people can be unkind, and it's easy to imagine that Cheyenne has taken some ribbing or heard whispers.

Yet, not only has she continued to improve her play, but now she's a winner at the college level. I have to admit: I didn't think Woods had this kind of potential when she left high school. She had a great high school career (Arizona state championships), no doubt, but wasn't considered among the best junior golfers in the country. But with hard work and dedication come rewards, and now I think it's safe to start thinking that Cheyenne - should her career progress continue - has a future in professional golf.