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Hee Kyung Seo

hee kyung seo pictures

Hee Kyung Seo is not a well-known name even among LPGA fans. Well, hers wasn't a well-known name; if Seo holds on to win the Kia Classic, she'll earn a little name recognition.

Fans of or readers of The Contructivist know Seo, however; so do all the fans around the world who follow the Korean LPGA. Seo is the best player on the KLPGA, at least since the departure of Jiyai Shin from a full KLPGA schedule. Seo is an 11-time winner on the KLPGA.

She's playing the LPGA Kia Classic as a sponsor invite and making the most of it; at the 36-hole point, Seo was the tournament leader.

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