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Ai Miyazato

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Oops, she did it again. The LPGA has played two tournaments so far on its 2010 schedule, and Ai Miyazato has won them both. What other golfers in LPGA history have won the first two tournaments on the schedule? Not Annika or Karrie or Se Ri; not Inkster or Sheehan or Bradley or King; not Lopez or Whitworth. Only Babe Zaharias, Mickey Wright, Louise Suggs and Marilynn Smith - four Hall of Fames, two of whom have their supporters in discussions about who is the best female golfer of all time. That's a good list to add your name to.

The Constructivist over at Mostly Harmless was liveblogging Ai's win, and expect him to have a great wrapup post, too. As soon as he's finished doing cartwheels, backflips and raising the roof.

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