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Hee Kyung Seo and the KLPGA Awards

hee kyung seo pictures

Hee Kyung Seo was the best player on the Korean LPGA in 2009. Above, she's practicing some dance moves. Below, she's all dressed up. Why?

The Seoul Sisters blog (hat tip: The Constructivist) explains:

Every year in December, the KLPGA throws a big bash to celebrate the year just completed. They hand out awards for the top players on tour as well as the best of the international Koreans. It gives the ladies a chance to get dressed up and enjoy themselves. The award show is well covered in the press, a nice advertisement for the tour (the LPGA might take some notes!). The show also gives some of the players a chance to play entertainer for a day!

That's right. KLPGA players gather for a lavish awards ceremony where some of them even get up on stage and perform in dance numbers!

Cribbing again from The Constructivist, Hee Kyung Seo's 2009: "Won 3 majors and 2 non-majors this season on her way to claiming Player of the Year and the money-list title on the KLPGA."

hee kyung seo pictures

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