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Stephanie Wei

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Stephanie Wei's blog, Wei Under Par, is only five months old. But in that short span, Stephanie has managed to become one of the best, most original, and most influential golf bloggers on the internets.

One reason is Stephanie's passion for the game, as a player and a fan. Another is that she has personal connections with multiple professional golfers, and that never hurts for gathering information or presenting scoops.

Stephanie grew up playing junior golf in the Pacific Northwest, where her friends on the fairways included the LPGA's Paige Mackenzie (who has guest-blogged at Wei Under Par) and the PGA Tour's Ryan Moore.

At Yale University, Stephanie was a member of the golf team. Her teammates included the LPGA's Jeehae Lee, and Jeehae pops up often at Stephanie's blog.

Stephanie is also a contributor at Guest of a Guest and for The Huffington Post.

Stephanie graduated from Yale with a degree in history. She currently lives in Manhattan with her pet Betta fish named "Tupac." She calls herself fiesty and says she likes to smile a lot. She also says her "feet are the size of baby rabbits." Does that mean she owns lots of bunny slippers?

If you're not reading Wei Under Par, you should be. So check it out.

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