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Oh, Those Sadekar Sisters

seema sadekar -  nisha sadekar

Those Sadekar sisters were stirring things up again recently, this time at the finals of the Playboy Golf tournament and, afterward, at the party at Hef's place. Where they showed up lingerie, because at the Playboy Mansion, that's how they roll (standard attire for women attendees was lingerie, and for men attendees robes and slippers). That's Seema on the left and Nisha on the right.

And they're also very talented and very focused - Seema on her burgeoning professional golf career, Nisha on her very successful golf management company, Play Golf Designs.

The Playboy Golf finals are two days of golf, with celebrities everywhere you look, and the Sadekars competed as part of the same team - the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino team.

Seema and Nisha were also excited to hang at the afterparty with the love of Seema's life, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. No, Mr. Austin is not aware that he's the love of Seema's life. But Seema is aware of it!

Above: Seema and her ... ahem ... "boyfriend" Miles Austin.