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Big Break PEI: Nicole Sikora

nicole sikora pictures
(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel

Day 3 of our series on the "Big Break Prince Edward Island" contestants brings us to Nicole Sikora.

As we said in an earlier post about Nicole, she is probably the least experienced cast member on the show this year, at least among the female competitors. We'll refer you to that earlier post to get some of the details about Nicole's golf experiences to date.

Nicole comes at this BBPEI opportunity from a different place than the rest of the competitors, however, given that she is currently employed outside of golf - and on Wall Street. She's "an executive assistant to the president of the broker dealer division at a prominent hedge fund in New York City." Her Golf Channel bio states:

After the 2007 season, a new challenge presented itself when Sikora interviewed with a New York stock broker. Light on experience, she was heavy on a positive attitude and self-confidence, which ultimately won her the job. While loving the power that came with the opportunity, the all-consuming endeavor left little time for golf. However, now that her business career is on the fast track, she is slowly finding more time to re-devote to the game by playing almost every weekend.

A lack of practice and professional experience may have left her game rusty, but she has a history of setting lofty goals and achieving them.