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Big Break PEI: Kim Kouwabunpat

Kim Kouwabunpat pictures
(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel

We conclude our series on "Big Break Prince Edward Island" contestants with Kim Kouwabunpat. Remember, the series premieres tonight (Monday, April 20) on the Golf Channel, with six women and six men competing for a $100,000 prize.

Kim is very focused, very hard-working, and very smart (she's a Stanford grad). Qualities that make us willing to forgive the fact that she is a Journey fan.

Her Golf Channel bio includes this:

Money, though, is not the sole object of her desire. Kouwabunpat is cheesy in a good-hearted fashion. She’s the type who gives an "I love you" speech when reunited with friends. She is caring enough to start Dream Chasers, a concept that embodies her life philosophy and encourages kids to find their passion and make a living of it. "My goal to reach the LPGA is more than just wanting to compete against the best. I not only want to give something back to everybody who has helped me, but to society as well,” she explains. "I want to inspire young ones to chase after their dreams no matter what the limitations may be. Anything is possible if you have a lot of heart, dedication, focus, and perseverance."