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Big Break PEI: Brenda McLarnon

Brenda McLarnon pictures
(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel

The next installment of the Golf Channel's "Big Break" series premieres on April 20. "Big Break Prince Edward Island" features a cast of 12, six men and six women, and over the next six days we'll spotlight each of the female contestants. We begin today with Brenda McLarnon.

Brenda is a native of Belfast, but attended college at the College of Charleston and now resides in Charleston, S.C. She turned pro in 2005 and has played primarily on the Futures Tour since then.

The Golf Channel bio of Brenda reports:

An Irish lass who can make you thirsty just talking to her, she is as comfortable with a pint in her hand as a putter. And like a number on a scorecard defining success, she leaves no room for interpretation.

"People will probably hate me, but that's their problem," said the Belfast, Ireland native. "I don't care what people think of me. If you don’t like me, that's your loss!"

Brenda won one tournament while in college and was a member of the 2002 JUCO national championship team. As a pro, her best Futures Tour finish to date is 27th.