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Big Break PEI: Blair O'Neal

blair o'neal pictures
(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel

Blair O'Neal is a professional golfer and a professional model. She's done some acting. She's played some football. What? Football? Yep, Blair is the quarterback on the Phoenix Scorch, a team in the Lingerie Football League.

Blair doesn't play much competitive golf anymore, focusing mostly on leading clinics and taking part in corporate and charity tournaments (you can book her through Play Golf Designs).

Her transition away from the life of a touring pro to more of a focus on a modeling career began with an injury in 2005. Her Golf Channel bio states:

Her 2005 season ended abruptly after breaking her foot walking down stairs. Not only did the injury cost her part of the season on the Duramed Futures Tour, but she missed competing in the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament. "I really believe everything happens for a reason, and I stayed positive. I'm usually a very positive player, by nature," she said about the events that turned her focus to modeling.

An athletic 5-foot-10 frame has been an equal asset in both career endeavors. However, determination and focus are her best characteristics. "I get into what I call 'Blair Golf' when I'm in my own bubble," said O'Neal, who first set the goal of playing on the LPGA Tour when she was age 11. "I'm just into my own world and focus on myself and my game. I am confident and people can see that."