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Paula Creamer

(Photo: It's been a frustrating year for Paula Creamer so far in 2009. She's had some good showings - a couple Top 5s - but has been plagued by a mysterious illness. It hasn't been serious enough to knock her of action, save for one tournament where she had to withdraw; but it's been persistent and nasty. Here's hoping Paula feels better soon.

Kim Kouwabunpat's Big Break Diary

We concluded our "Big Break Prince Edward Island" series yesterday, and the series debuted last night. But today there was another debut: Kim Kouwabunpat is writing a diary over at Golf and will be posting after each episode. Read Kim's first diary here . It is in that first diary that Kim dispenses the immortal advice, "when you're nervous, looking cute makes it easier to deal with!" The photo above shows Kim between her BFFs Nisha Sadekar (left) and Ashley Gomes, watching the "Big Break PEI" premiere at Palazzo's Sportsbook Bar & Grill in Las Vegas.

Big Break PEI: Kim Kouwabunpat

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel We conclude our series on "Big Break Prince Edward Island" contestants with Kim Kouwabunpat. Remember, the series premieres tonight (Monday, April 20) on the Golf Channel, with six women and six men competing for a $100,000 prize. Kim is very focused, very hard-working, and very smart (she's a Stanford grad). Qualities that make us willing to forgive the fact that she is a Journey fan. Her Golf Channel bio includes this: Money, though, is not the sole object of her desire. Kouwabunpat is cheesy in a good-hearted fashion. She’s the type who gives an "I love you" speech when reunited with friends. She is caring enough to start Dream Chasers, a concept that embodies her life philosophy and encourages kids to find their passion and make a living of it. "My goal to reach the LPGA is more than just wanting to compete against the best. I not only want to give something back to everybody who has helped me, but to society as

Big Break PEI: Caroline Larsson

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel Day 5 of our series on the "Big Break Prince Edward Island" contestants brings us to Caroline Larsson. Caroline must be considered one of the favorites in BBPEI on the strength of two very good seasons on the Futures Tour. In 2007 Caroline made 15 of 19 cuts with a best showing of second and finished 14th on the money list. In 2008, she improved her scoring average three-quarters of a stroke, made 14 of 17 cuts with a best showing of third, and finished 23rd on the money list. Swede Caroline is also sweet Caroline, her Golf Channel bio says: A happy and gregarious person, Caroline Larsson loves playing golf. A smile here and laugh there is her approach to the game, and between giggles, she will toss a few birdies at you. Who wouldn't be happy doing that? "When people first meet me many of them are surprised that I am so outgoing since I am from Sweden," said Larsson, who finished 23rd on the Duramed Futures Tour money lis

Big Break PEI: Blair O'Neal

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel Blair O'Neal is a professional golfer and a professional model. She's done some acting. She's played some football. What? Football? Yep, Blair is the quarterback on the Phoenix Scorch, a team in the Lingerie Football League. Blair doesn't play much competitive golf anymore, focusing mostly on leading clinics and taking part in corporate and charity tournaments (you can book her through Play Golf Designs ). Her transition away from the life of a touring pro to more of a focus on a modeling career began with an injury in 2005. Her Golf Channel bio states: Her 2005 season ended abruptly after breaking her foot walking down stairs. Not only did the injury cost her part of the season on the Duramed Futures Tour, but she missed competing in the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament. "I really believe everything happens for a reason, and I stayed positive. I'm usually a very positive player, by nature," she said about the events

Big Break PEI: Nicole Sikora

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel Day 3 of our series on the "Big Break Prince Edward Island" contestants brings us to Nicole Sikora. As we said in an earlier post about Nicole, she is probably the least experienced cast member on the show this year, at least among the female competitors. We'll refer you to that earlier post to get some of the details about Nicole's golf experiences to date. Nicole comes at this BBPEI opportunity from a different place than the rest of the competitors, however, given that she is currently employed outside of golf - and on Wall Street. She's "an executive assistant to the president of the broker dealer division at a prominent hedge fund in New York City." Her Golf Channel bio states: After the 2007 season, a new challenge presented itself when Sikora interviewed with a New York stock broker. Light on experience, she was heavy on a positive attitude and self-confidence, which ultimately won her the job. While lovin

Big Break PEI: Gerina Mendoza

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel Day 2 of our series on the contestants of "Big Break Prince Edward Island." Today we feature Gerina Mendoza. Gerina is a native of Roswell, N.M., who played collegiately at UTEP. She won four tournaments while in college, including the 2007 Conference USA championship. And that year, she was named the CUSA Player of the Year. Gerina turned pro late in 2007 and played on the Futures Tour in 2008. And her rookie season was a pretty darn good one: She made 15 of 17 cuts, had four Top 10 finishes with a best of second place; finished 10th in scoring average and 15th in money. Her Golf Channel bio includes this: Length off the tee will make her a force to be reckoned with in Big Break Prince Edward Island, not only for the girls, but for the guys as well. Super competitive and always sarcastic, she hopes that the other competitors will not misunderstand her motives. "You really don't talk about competition with girls because girl

Big Break PEI: Brenda McLarnon

(Photo by Mark Ashman/Golf Channel The next installment of the Golf Channel's "Big Break" series premieres on April 20. "Big Break Prince Edward Island" features a cast of 12, six men and six women, and over the next six days we'll spotlight each of the female contestants. We begin today with Brenda McLarnon. Brenda is a native of Belfast, but attended college at the College of Charleston and now resides in Charleston, S.C. She turned pro in 2005 and has played primarily on the Futures Tour since then. The Golf Channel bio of Brenda reports: An Irish lass who can make you thirsty just talking to her, she is as comfortable with a pint in her hand as a putter. And like a number on a scorecard defining success, she leaves no room for interpretation. "People will probably hate me, but that's their problem," said the Belfast, Ireland native. "I don't care what people think of me. If you don’t like me, that's your loss!" Br

Amy Lepard - a k a Mrs. Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell's wife, Amy Lepard, got a little TV time during the final round of the Masters, and Golf Babes' visitors log is suddenly jam packed. We've had the pleasure of featuring Amy here several times in the past, and not only is she beautiful but she is also quite funny and a very talented singer. You can click here to view our previous posts about Amy. If you'd like to hear one of her songs, below is a video of Amy's "Love Is a Compromise." Note: This is not an official music video, but one made by a fan, and includes a couple risque images.

Lesslye Perry and Sandy Perry

Kenny Perry nearly won The Masters on Sunday, falling in a playoff to Angel Cabrera. Which is a shame, a Green Jacket would have capped off a very underrated career. But Kenny likes to say that his life couldn't be any better, and we're sure he's as happy today as he was yesterday. And we're more than happy to feature his daughter Lesslye again. Lessley is a member of the Tennessee Titans cheerleading squad. Why she's dressed like that is a mystery. Oh, wait - not it's not. She's a cheerleader ! And Lesslye obviously gets her cheerleader looks not from dear ol' dad, but from dear ol' dad's hot wife, Sandy Perry: Let's see, Kenny and Sandy were high school sweethearts, and Kenny is 48, so Sandy is ... somewhere around 48. Yep. Lesslye's mom has got it going on.

Marousa Polias

What has our friend Marousa Polias been up to? Relaxing. As the photo clearly shows. Actually, the photo is from the 2009 Australian Women's Professional Golf Calendar , in which Marousa is "Miss April," so to speak. And while Marousa has surely done a bit of relaxing over the past couple months, she's also spent lots of time working on her game. The ALPG season ended in February and Marousa took three weeks off, then got back to work: practicing, playing, working out. The LET season resumes later this month.

Oh, Those Sadekar Sisters

Those Sadekar sisters were stirring things up again recently, this time at the finals of the Playboy Golf tournament and, afterward, at the party at Hef's place. Where they showed up lingerie, because at the Playboy Mansion, that's how they roll (standard attire for women attendees was lingerie, and for men attendees robes and slippers). That's Seema on the left and Nisha on the right. And they're also very talented and very focused - Seema on her burgeoning professional golf career, Nisha on her very successful golf management company, Play Golf Designs . The Playboy Golf finals are two days of golf, with celebrities everywhere you look, and the Sadekars competed as part of the same team - the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino team. Seema and Nisha were also excited to hang at the afterparty with the love of Seema's life, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin. No, Mr. Austin is not aware that he's the love of Seema's life. But Seema is aware o

Tiffany Joh

The just completed Kraft Nabisco Championship has a long and very successful history of inviting amateurs to play. And more often than not, those golfers who earn low amateur honors at the KNC go on to very productive professional careers. At the very least, it's a great indicator of a golfer who you're going to be seeing as an LPGA Tour member later on. This year, Tiffany Joh shared low-amateur honors with 15-year-old Alexis Thompson. Joh is a senior at UCLA, where she has had an All-American career. She was runner-up in the NCAA Championships in 2008, and in 2006 and 2008 was the U.S. Women's Public Links Championship winner.

Brittany Lincicome

Brittany Lincicome, where have you been the last year and a half? Lincicome finally reappeared on the scene, after nearly two years of struggles, and what a way to do it: With a spectacular eagle on the final hole to win a major championship. Wow! Congratulations to the 2009 Kraft Nabisco Championship winner. Check out some photos from Brittany's win, including her jump into the lake, here .

Maria Verchenova in "Golf Punk"

Maria Verchenova is the subject of multi-page feature in Golf Punk magazine, a feature that includes a couple, ahem, "cheeky" photos of the Russian golfer. It doesn't appear that Golf Punk's Web site has the article posted as I write this; however, the article is available via the Ladies European Tour Web site here . Maria turned pro in late 2006 and is in her third season on the LET. More Maria Verchenova pics

Miho Koga

Japanese star Miho Koga didn't have the greatest first round at the 2009 Kraft Nabisco Championship - a 74. Nothing to be embarrassed about, mind you, but nothing to set her apart, either. Her fashion, however, did set her apart in the opening round. Koga entered the KNC ranked NO. 35 in the women's world rankings.