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Kim Kouwabunpat

Kim Kouwabunpat pictures

We told you six weeks ago who the female contestants in "Big Break XI" (a k a "Big Break Prince Edward Island") will be, but the Golf Channel finally made it official with a press release.

Here's the blurb about Kim Kouwabunpat the Golf Channel included in its press release:

Kim Kouwabunpat (27, Upland, Calif.) – Focused and driven, Kouwabunpat (pronounced "Kowa boon pat") has the uncanny ability to pick herself up when she's been knocked down. The former Stanford University golfer has played on professional tours all over the world in her attempt to make it to the LPGA Tour.

The photo above of Kim "CanYouOnePutt" is from a recent shoot; more of the pics can be viewed on Kim's Web site. And if you or your company is interested in booking Kim for an appearance at a corporate event, charity tournament, or the like, well, you know what to do, right? Visit our friends at Play Golf Designs.

"Big Break Prince Edward Island" debuts on the Golf Channel on April 20.