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Camila Mori

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A native of Chile, Camila Mori played college golf at Campbell and the University of South Carolina. Now she is a cast member on "Big Break X: Michigan," partnered with fellow Chilean - and boyfriend - Hugo Leon. The Golf Channel describes the pair thusly:

It's hard to watch Hugo Leon and Camila Mori on golf course and not feel good. One look at the playful couple and you instantly know that they are in serious love and playing golf together makes them happy. They chat in Spanish, get serious to hit a shot and then it’s back to smiling. It looks too easy, too cutie, but it’s not an act, it’s merely natural.

Awwwwwwwwwwww ....

Mori won the Chilean National Amateur Championship in 2003 before beginning her college life at Campbell University, where she was the freshman of the year in 2004 and team MVP in 2005. She then transferred to South Carolina.

Mori turned pro earlier in 2008 and got into three tournaments on the Futures Tour as the beginning of her professional career.