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Highway 18: Keri Murphy

keri murphy picturs
(Photo by Matthew Mitchell)

This is the first of a series of posts we'll be doing this week on the women of "Highway 18," the Golf Channel series that debuts on July 22 and will air on Tuesdays for 10 episodes.

Readers of Golf Babes are familiar with Keri Murphy as the very likable, very charming video host for Hmmm, charming and likable ... could those qualities be the reasons the Golf Channel chose Keri to host "Highway 18"?

"It was such an awesome experience," Keri said of her first assignment with the network. "The Golf Channel was looking for a new face for the show and while doing some research found me on the site."

"Gorgeous" probably didn't hurt Keri's audition, either. Murphy has a long background in modeling. A two-time Miss Oregon contestant, she now runs her own agency, Wilhelmina MTG, in Portland, Oregon.

Keri has also spent quite a bit of time in front of the camera, acting in regional and national commercials and independent films. She also owns an actors' studio in Portland called The Lime Lab.

Her blooper clips from GolfNow are very popular on YouTube and even played a role in Keri landing the "Highway 18" hosting job.

"One of the producers, James Ponti, said he loved my bloopers and could tell I would not be a 'diva' to work with," she said. "If he only knew ... (just kidding!)"

Keri will also be appearing in an MTV modeling series later this year, and is heavily involved in charitable work, as well.

"We had a great time taping the show. I really hope I get to continue to work on the show and the with the Golf Channel."