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The Wilhelmina 7

(Note: To view the full series, including pics, click here; click the names of the golfers in the labels section at the bottom of the post for more pics.)

What is - or are - the "Wilhelmina 7"? The W7 is a group of seven LPGA Tour golfers who have signed with Wilhelmina Artist Management, a division of Wilhelmina Models. And Wilhelmina Models, of course, is one of the most-famous modeling agencies in the world.

Wilhelmina Artist Management will "seek out sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for the women as a whole package and individually." The "Wilhelmina 7" are Minea Blomqvist, Sandra Gal, Anna Grzebien, Kim Hall, Johanna Head, Mikaela Parmlid and Stacy Prammanasudh.

WAM states that the "W7 includes only those women with the game, the beauty and the personality to create a major presence in women’s sports, both on and off the course."

Said Wilhelmina chairman Dieter Esch: “We created this initiative to complete a void in the marketplace for beautiful and athletically talented female golfers. With only initial conversations to the corporate world, the reception is already tremendous for potential partnerships.”

Beautiful and athletically talented female golfers? Hey, that's what we're all about here at Golf Babes! So over the next few days we'll post a few photos of the W7, photos provided by Wilhelmina Artist Management. Stay tuned.