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Morgan Pressel in "Golf for Women"

morgan pressel

The above photo is from a Golf For Women magazine profile of Morgan Pressel that appears in its current (May/June 2008) issue. The article is headlined "Princess at Play" and includes "20 things you didn't know about Morgan Pressel." It's a good read, check it out.

Here is one of those 20 things:

18. The single woman. "There aren't any hot guys hanging around the LPGA Tour," she mock-complains. Herb fixed her up at least once, but she won't talk about it. Daniel Radcliffe, the young British actor, would be a definite consideration. The mention of his name makes her blush. She's a Harry Potter wonk: The original movie poster is on her wall.

Folks, I think it's long past time for me to reveal the true identity of the man behind Golf Babes. I am, in fact, Daniel Radcliffe. And so now, Morgan, I await your call ...