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The Women of "Big Break: Kaanapali"

So, the next "Big Break" series on the Golf Channel will feature an all-female cast - our favorite kind - and was filmed in Kaanapali, Hawaii. Some of the faces of the cast members are familiar to Golf Babes readers, others are newcomers. Here are some of the cast members from "Big Break: Kaanapali":

Cirbie Sheppard
This image is courtesy of Cirbie, from a photo shoot she did for I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Cirbie on Golf Babes in the future. (Much more - including more pics - about Cirbie here.)

Tina Miller
Tina! We're looking forward to watching one of our favorites on "Big Break: Kaanapali." This image is courtesy of Play Golf Designs.

tina miller pictures

Courtney Erdman
Courtney is not only a fine golfer, she's patriotic.

courtney erdman

Kim, Sam and Liz
From left to right, Kim Welch, Samantha Head and Elizabeth Stuart. These are their Futures Tour mugshots. (Side note: Samantha's twin sister, Johanna Head, is on the LPGA Tour, and Samantha is a two-time winner on the Ladies European Tour.)

kim welch - samantha head - elizabeth stuart

Christina Lecuyer
My apologies for the tiny image, but this is the best I could find of Christina. Makes you want to see more, though, doesn't it?

Christina Lecuyer pictures

Sophie Sandolo
Last, but certainly not least, Sophie Sandolo. Yep, the Golf Channel lured the European queen of the nude and semi-nude calendar in "The Big Break."

With Cirbie and Sophie, Tina and Courtney, Kim, Samantha, Elizabeth and Christina, plus (not yet pictured here) Susan Choi, Lori Atsedes, Dana Bates and Adrienne Gautreaux, "Big Break: Kaanapali" should be fun to watch.