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"Paula Creamer Bikini"? No, Paula Creamer Calendar

paula creamer bikini

My site stats show tons of people searching lately for "Paula Creamer bikini." What's up with that? As far as I can tell, Paula has not done any bikini shoots. Sorry guys. But hey, we can always hope, right? (Update: If you were hoping, you're now in luck. You can see Paula in a bikini here and here.)

But Paula's 2008 calendar is now for sale. The calendar is done for Golf Digest Japan and is only for sale through GDJ's Web site (although we have spotted it on eBay once or twice, too). Not being able to read Japanese, I can't determine whether the calendar can even be purchased by anyone outside of Japan. But if you want to try, the Golf Digest Japan Paula Creamer 2008 Calendar page is here.

paula creamer pictures

paula creamer calendar