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Golf Digest World Ladies Calendar

golf digest japan world ladies calendarTo the right is a thumbnail of the cover of the 2008 Golf Digest World Ladies Calendar. This is a calendar that is produced yearly by Golf Digest Japan and is, unfortunately, available only in Japan. Well, perhaps some other parts of the Far East, too, but not in the U.S. or Europe.

The golfers featured in the 2008 calendar are Brandi Jackson, Nikki Garrett, Anna Rawson and Tina Miller. Below is a great shot of Tina that is, alas, obscured by a watermark, but gives you an idea of the classy way these four beautiful women are pictured in the calendar:

tina miller - golf digest japan world ladies calendarThumbnails of the other shots from the calendar can be viewed on the Golf Digest Japan site. And if you can read Japanese, you might be able to use the order page.