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Rio Secco T-Mates

rio secco t-mates
There are many caddie companies these days built around a simple idea: guys like pretty girls. Hey, come to think of it, this blog is built around that idea, too! Wow, what a coincidence. But I digress ...
Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas has its own caddie program it calls "T-Mates." A few of the T-Mates are pictured above. The Rio Secco Web site says that a T-Mates is a "golf concierge and host/hostess during your round." Hmm, host/hostess - I guess they have guy hotties available for the women's groups, too. Good for them!
What is a T-Mate? A T-Mate, Rio Secco says, is Fun, Outgoing, Physically Fit, Reliable, Attractive, Great Personality, Entertaining, Supportive, Great Communicator. They could have saved some space by just saying, "a babe."
The Rio Secco Web site offers more info. Although it doesn't offer prices. But I did the T-Mate program advertised on a different site at $200 per round.