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Nikki DiSanto

Nikki DiSanto picturesIf you know Nikki DiSanto, it's almost certainly from her two seasons on "The Big Break" ("Big Break V: Hawaii" and "Big Break VII: Reunion"). Some of you may have spotted her in a USGA commercial (lumber yard!).

I've learned quite a bit more about Nikki over the past day or so, and she's got quite an interesting and diverse resume. There's much more to Nikki than The Golf Channel ever allowed us to see (the bikini pic notwithstanding). She competes in professional long-drive competitions and works as a model, that much you probably know.

She's also a TV host (travel shows, interviewing celebs on the red carpet) and actress. She spent time with The Groundlings, the storied improvisational troup that produced many of the top comedic actors of the past 30 years. She's worked in theater, appearing in a production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," among other plays.

She has a degree in broadcast journalism.

Nikki speaks Spanish and Russian. She plays guitar, classical guitar and bass. She can ride a unicycle, walk a tightrope and perform ventriloquism. She's also a whiz with a yo-yo and can hula-hoop circles around the rest of us. And she's played nearly every sport and worked in just about every martial art discipline you can name.

Bet you didn't know all that.

nikki disanto pictures

But you probably knew she's a Golf Babe.