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Dana Coppolino

verdina - Dana Coppolino - pictures
The Golf Girl did a post recently about "the year of the dress." She wrote about how 2007 will be remembered for all the great golf dresses and skirts that started to emerge. And Golf Girl went over a few of the notable examples.

One company whose golf dresses and skirts (and other items) have been getting lots of attention in the golf press is Verdina. Now, I don't know much about women's fashion (or men's fashion, for that matter - I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy), but I do know a beautiful woman when I see one.

And Dana Coppolino is a beautiful woman. Who is she? She's the CEO and founder of Verdina. Here's her capsule bio from the Verdina Web site:

Dana Coppolino, CEO and Founder of Verdina used her marketing and fashion expertise to launch this new and exciting brand. Most recently, Ms. Coppolino served as a Head Designer for Nautica. Dana began her career at Ralph Lauren after receiving both her Degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and her Bachelors in Marketing from Fairfield University.