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Paula Marti

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Paula Marti was sort of a proto-Sandolo. One of the first European golfers from the Ladies European Tour to use modeling, in addition to golf, to break out to wider recognition. She was spicy and sexy, wearing bright, form-fitting golf ensembles, and it was Marti who helped make Oakley shades cool.

Two big differences between Marti and Sophie Sandolo, however: Paula has a little more talent and shows a little less skin. She hasn't done a calendar yet, either ... but we can hope, yes?

Paula is from Spain and in addition to her native Spanish also speaks Catalan, French and English (European golfers are often polyglots; in America these days, showing an interest in multiple languages might just get you called a terrorist sympathizer).

She moved to the U.S. in high school to pursue golf, then played collegiately at the University of Florida. She's played on both the LPGA and LET, but sticks mostly to the LET these days.

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