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D'Rae Ward

drae ward pictures

This stylish young woman is D'Rae Ward, and doesn't she look great in black?

Unfortunately, these days, D'Rae is - like many aspiring professional golfers - operating in the red. Which is to say, those expenses really pile up when you're out there chasing that little while ball around various pro golf tours.

But D'Rae is taking a novel approach to raising funds for her 2007 season on the Futures Tour: she's auctioning sponsorship opportunities on eBay. There are more details at Waggle Room, or just head straight over to D'Rae's Web site for more info about her and her fundraising efforts.

One thing to note about Ms. Ward is that she qualified for the LPGA Tour via Q-School last year on her first attempt. This is a golfer with serious game, one who has already won on a couple other mini-tours recently. She certainly has a great shot at getting back to the LPGA to stay.